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When Data Recovery Matters

Complete Data Recovery Solutions

Total Recall specializes in the recovery of digital data that has been lost due to computer crashes, intentional or unintentional deletion, systems damaged by electrical surges, or other equipment failure.  Highly skilled and professionally certified, Total Recall technicians are uniquely specialized and focused in the field of computer data recovery.  If recovery is possible, Total Recall can and will recover your data for you.  There’s no risk.  No data recovered = No expense to you. 


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Computer Forensics in Support of Investigations and Litigation

Professional forensic imaging, consulting, analysis, reporting and expert courtroom testimony for non-criminal cases. Over 10 years of experience investigating and analyzing computer data, user activity and forensic preservation of evidence.  Our technicians are experienced and prepared to present and defend findings in legal proceedings.  At Total Recall we are professionally certified in digital forensics and always adhere to the strictest standards in handling computer evidence.

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